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A visit to India is a step back in time and a prism into the future. We visited a school in the mountains with the Himalayas as a backdrop. They had no electricity, plumbing, not even a road. The kids either ran up or down the mountain to get to school. Streets in the city are a tightly choreographed amalgam of every imaginable form of transport all honking and playing chicken, but we didn’t see even one accident. 

Yes, this is a country that is on the move. We saw Tuk Tuks designed to carry 2 that had 15 people in and on them. We saw women with huge loads of wood on their heads, we saw countless scenes of poor children in the streets that all smiled if your eyes met. The thin passage ways in the shopping districts had scooters and motorcycles bumping and pushing through at an alarming pace and I was in fact bumped by mirrors and handle bars many times. You need to be among the masses to absorb the essence of India.

The spirit of Gandhi inhabits the national psyche as well as the face on the currency. Go there and you’ll come back as I did – a changed person, changed for the better.

Watch The Videos:

Varanasi – The spiritual capital of India
Making garlic bread and swapping recipes with Chef John aboard the Maharaja Express Train
A tuk tuk adventure through Dehli’s rush hour traffic
Breakfast on the top of the Himalayas

Meat Grades: Prime vs Choice

The USDA determines this primarily based on marbling, but there are two factors they use to do this: quality grades for tenderness, juiciness, and flavor; and yield grades for the amount of usable lean meat on the carcass.

Prime beef is produced from young, well-fed beef cattle. It has abundant marbling (the amount of fat interspersed with lean meat), and is generally sold in restaurants and hotels. Prime roasts and steaks are excellent for dry-heat cooking such as broiling, roasting, or grilling.

Choice beef is high quality but has less marbling than Prime. Choice roasts and steaks from the loin and rib will be very tender, juicy, and flavorful and are suited for dry-heat cooking. Many of the less tender cuts can also be cooked with dry heat if not overcooked. Such cuts will be most tender if braised, roasted or simmered with a small amount of liquid in a tightly covered pan.

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