1 Box Sold = 1 Meal Donated

For every box of steaks purchased we provide a nutritious meal to hungry children, families, and individuals across our local Colorado Community.


We’ve partnered with Community Food Share whose mission is to fight hunger by providing access to fresh, nutritious food through their local partners and onsite mobile pantries. They are a member of Feeding America, the national network of 200 food banks, and a member of Feeding Colorado.

Community Food Share rescues food from local grocery stores, food processors and distributors. Their Garden Share program collects local, freshly grown food that farmers and home gardeners donate to them directly, and they also send volunteers out to farms to harvest produce.


Hunger affects nearly every community across America, and impacts millions of children every day. In our local area hunger is a reality for 1 in 9 people. That’s 41,000 people (11% of the population) including 9,700 children.

By donating a healthy meal with every purchase we’re able to support our community and make a positive impact. We hope this will also inspire conversation around hunger, food waste and how we can all work together to help foster a strong community.