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4 Charles Prime Rib

Greenwich Village, NYC – Walking into 4 Charles Prime Rib is like entering a jewel box. It’s small but it holds treasures. When you are great you don’t need to boast, so while the entrance to 4 Charles isn’t impressive, once you enter you’re surrounded by a steakhouse version of the “Land of OZ” with exquisite wood, leather and crystal. The lighting must have been created scientifically as it puts you in the mood with an atmosphere that is intoxicating even before you are served one of their signature cocktails.

4 Charles only has ten tables and it requires an act of Congress to get a reservation, but if you get one you’ll be rewarded with a menu that has many gems. The Prime Rib is off the charts, and the sliced Porterhouse is a standout (really big enough for three) but what sets this place apart is the fabulous side dishes such as the greatest loaded baked potato I’ve ever experienced, yes experienced not just tasted, and the elote corn that melts off the cob. Another standout is Chicago’s  Iconic “Au Cheval burger” imported from the 2nd city as they are part of the same restaurant group. Have one cut in quarters as an appetizer and close your eyes to get the full experience. Too many superlatives tend to diminish so just go there and find out for yourself. This is a rare gem in a city with many jewels, but this one shines particularly bright.

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