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If your mind’s eye could visualize a classic romantic Paris bistro, it would probably look like “Le Grand Colbert.” The walls, the ceiling, the chandeliers, the place has an ambience that few places can match and it’s a scene that could have been painted by a master. Construction on the original building began in 1637 and was reconstructed in 1825. The restaurant opened in 1900. They don’t call them “French Fries” for nothing and “Le Grand” has world class fries and an excellent if not “Nebraska Prime” steak. The starters are classic bistro fare with the onion soup a standout. The rest of the menu items have a simplistic excellence and include fish, seafood, lobster, chicken and meats. The prices are reasonable and the crowd ranges from celebrities and the sophisticated to tourists looking to sit at Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton’s table in the film “Somethings Gotta Give”. My table for two was tucked in a corner with a great view. By the luck of the draw I was sitting at Mick’s table – as in Mick Jagger.
Paris conjures up images of beauty and romance, of the follies and of course Napoleon. The French like to say that their food is the best in the world. I won’t go that far but I won’t argue about it either. Le Grand Colbert should be on everyone’s shortlist when in Paris, and who knows you may even see Mick.

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