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Steak 48

Everything about Steak 48 is big except the entrance which is ridiculously small. Getting in and out is a funny challenge but once you’re in you enter a beautifully designed and perfectly lit set of rooms that each have a slightly different feel with a total capacity of around 600 diners.
Everything is first rate about this place. The service was impeccable, the tables were well spaced and the steak… WOW. I went back a second time just to see if they could give me the ultimate New York Steak again and they did. Perhaps a bit of work needs to be done on the sides but the desserts were creative and fabulous and I must say I haven’t had a better steak at any Chicago steakhouse.Steak 48 has some serious competition in Chicago but it has armed its way into the crowded steakhouse landscape and has literally carved out a spot at or near the very top of the food chain.

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