What Makes Us Unique


Hand cut, hand selected

Our master butchers age our USDA Prime beef a minimum of 28 days and are hand selected when ready. Our Japanese A5 Wagyu is cut to specific Japanese standards.

all natural, Pasture raised

Our Angus and Hereford Cattle are pasture raised and then fed a nutritious diet of locally grown alfalfa, corn, and grains. Our Natural American Wagyu are meticulously raised on family farms across America. Our Japanese Wagyu are fed a very precise diet of wheat, rice, corn, and barley.


Mr. Steak features ONLY graded USDA Prime beef - the top 2% of all beef sold in the United States, as well as thoughtfully and stringently sourced American Wagyu and Japanese A5 Wagyu.


All of Mr. Steak's USDA Prime meats are sourced within a 250-mile radius of Omaha, Nebraska. Keeping things local means closer relationships with ranches, fresher beef, and less impact on the environment.

Family run

Mr. Steak is family owned and operated. In fact, Mr. Steak was started by a father and daugther, Mick and Liz Scully, and is still run the same way today.

Ethical and humane

We pride ourselves in partnering with ranches and suppliers that follow the utmost ethical practices and techniques in the industry. Our partner, Greater Omaha Packing, utilizes a facility designed by Dr. Temple Grandin, an animal behavior scientist celebrated for designing the most humane facilities in the industry.

Social Responsibility

For every box sold we donate a meal to hungry families in our community through a partnership with Community Food Share.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our biodegadable cooler is made from Indiana grown corn, our box is made from recycled materials and our shipping is carbon neutral.

"Mr. Steak is devoted to selling meats from ranchers who supply the country’s best steakhouses"

-The Washington Post

Meet Some of our Ranchers

Mr. Steak's USDA Prime meats are sourced from Midwestern ranchers that supply many of the finest restaurants in America.



Meet Some of our Ranchers

Mr. Steak's USDA Prime meats are sourced from Midwestern ranchers that supply many of the finest restaurants in America.



Meet Some of our Ranchers

Mr. Steak's USDA Prime meats are sourced from Midwestern ranchers that supply many of the finest restaurants in America.





Eco-driven and community focused – Mr. Steak is committed to the environment and our community. Our shipping is carbon neutral, our packaging is biodegradable, and for every box sold we donate a meal to local families in need. Learn more here.

How the future does packaging

We have partnered with Green Cell Foam and are committed to using their incredibly advanced, biodegradable coolers in every Mr. Steak meat box.

Green Cell Foam Logo IndianaCorn

Meet Green Cell Foam, the most eco-friendly packaging available. Made from Indiana grown corn, Green Cell Foam is compostable, bio-based, and safely dissolves down your kitchen sink under running water. It’s also great plant food, a clean fuel source for your fire pit or charcoal grill!

Green Cell Plus takes 3-panel sections of Green Cell Foam and envelops them in a polyethylene film to provide an effective barrier against moisture and humidity. The plastic film is readily recyclable in most communities.

Committed to
the Planet

100% Carbon Neutral Shipping

We’ve committed to offsetting each and every Mr. Steak box shipment. In order to do this we have partnered with ‘The Cool Effect’ on a project that turns cow and other animal waste into clean energy by using machines known as biogas digesters.


Biogas is a mixture of methane and CO2 that resembles propane and can be used in all the ways propane is used. Biogas needs a methane producing bacteria to be successful and these are found in animal waste, food scraps and sewage.

In this project, a biodigester is built below animal pens so that manure flows directly into a chamber. The waste naturally decomposes, producing methane gas that is piped to a cookstove inside the house as clean cooking fuel.

At the end of the process, the digester also produces a very effective organic fertilizer that can be directly applied to farm fields, creating a natural cycle of quality crops. Compost not only saves money on fertilizer for farming families, it also provides a source of income when extra compost can be sold.

For every Mr. Steak box you purchase we invest in this worthwhile program. This investment makes your box shipment 100% carbon neutral while supporting poor families around the world.

Improving the health of local communities


  • Improves the health of local communities by creating a sanitation system that provides a waste collection point and increases agricultural productivity.
  • Cuts the use of coal in households by 340,000 tonnes a year
  • Provides clean, affordable and convenient cooking fuel
  • Benefits 400,000 low-income rural households
  • Generates extra income for families through savings on purchases of coal or firewood and the use and sale of self-produced organic fertilizer
  • Provides jobs and financial support in a region with an average per capita income slightly more than US $400 per year
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 750,000 tonnes a year

"Their focus on sustainability, carbon-neutral shipping and community outreach makes me feel incredibly good about giving them my business."

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