Introducing Mr. Steak’s Portable Infrared Grills

 High Performance Grilling Machines with 1000 degrees of Grilling Power

The Mr. Steak Portable infrared Grills are high performance grilling machines that deliver steakhouse quality results wherever life takes you. Using the most sophisticated infrared technology available, this compact powerhouse sears and chars at a thousand degrees, cooking in a fraction of the time of traditional grills. Whether you’re a camper, tailgater, backyard griller, motorhomer, or a space-conscious city dweller, the Mr. Steak grill is your next level grill.

Have a hungry group?

Mr. Steak heats up ultra fast. Push a button and have 1000 degrees at your fingertips in less than two minutes.

In more of a fish and veggies kind of mood?

Turn down the temperature to perfectly grill more delicate foods.

Need to grill and go?

It cools down just as quickly as it heats up for busy lifestyles.

Tired of uneven cooking?

Mr. Steak’s infrared burners sear and char evenly just like a steakhouse.

Don’t want the mess and hassle of charcoal?

Mr. Steak is clean, efficient, and easy to use.

Tailgating Grill
RV Grill

Throw it in the back of the car, take it to the game, set it up at the beach or park, or park it on your patio. The versatile Mr. Steak “High Performance Grilling Machines” were built tough without sacrificing style.

Elevate your grill game. Impress your friends and family. Take your next adventure. And You Too Can be Mr. Steak.

“You too can be Mr. Steak”

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