Mr. Steak Disposable Grill Toppers Grill Mats

Don’t ever lose a vegetable and other small food pieces through your grill’s grates again with the Mr. Steak Disposable Grill Toppers Grill Mats. This set of 6 disposable aluminum grill mats allow grillmasters to to cook smaller sliced or skinny vegetables safely and confidently on the grill. The Toppers’ perforated bottom allows smoke and heat to surround the food, allowing it to cook evenly. Great for grilling onions, peppers, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, shrimp, chicken wings, and other small or delicate pieces of food. Also makes a great cooking surface over campsite grills and other public grills. Each grid measures 12″x9.25″. 6 mats.

  • Set of 6 disposable grilling mats
  • Helps you grill vegetables and other smaller pieces of food on the grill
  • Great for vegetable slices, shrimp, chicken wings, and more
  • Disposable/recyclable aluminum construction
  • Perforated bottom allows smoke and heat to surround food
  • 12″x9.25″ mats

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