Mr. Steak Safe Scrape Grill Scraper

Keep your grill clean and in top grilling condition with the Mr. Steak Safe Scrape™ Grill Scraper. This safe and easy-to-use solid hardwood scraper safely cleans debris from your grill grates like a wire brush. Unlike a wire brush, the Safe Scrape works even better on grates while they are still hot. The heat and pressure from cleaning slowly shapes this wooden scraper to a perfect custom fit for you grill. A great scraper for hard to reach spots on a grill. Hand wash with mild dishwashing detergent.

  • Safe and easy-to-use solid hardwood grill grate scraper
  • Keeps grill clean and in top grilling condition
  • Works great on hot grates
  • Heat and pressure shapes scraper to fit your grill perfectly
  • Great design for hard to reach spots
  • Hand wash

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