Mr. Steak Short Handle Spiral Grill Brush

Keep your grill’s cooking surface cleaner with the Short Handle Spiral Grill Brush from Mr. Steak. This durable yet flexible steel grill brush helps you scrub the gunk off your grill’s cooking grates after a cookout, ensuring the next batch of food cooked on the grill is not contaminated with unwanted flavors and bits of debris. Triangular brush design allows the stainless steel bristles to get between the grill grates for a more thorough cleaning. Twisted wire design helps keeps bristles on the brush, and not on your grill. Dimensions: 3.74″x1.69″x8.58″.

  • Durable yet flexible steel grill brush
  • Helps you keep grill cleaner for better tasting food
  • Triangular brush design – lets bristles get between grill grates for better cleaning
  • Twisted steel wire body with stainless steel bristles
  • Twisted wire design – keeps bristles on the brush

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