Grill School

The Ten Commandments of Steak

Know your Steak

The Touch Method

Seasoning Your Meat

Infrared Grilling

Cuts of Steak

Grilling Using the Whole Grill

The Rib Debate – Rubs vs. Sauces

Why Do Grills Smoke?


Magic Sauce

The Grills

Mr. Steak Shows Us His Backyard Grill

Introducing the Mr. Steak Grill

Adventures of Mr. Steak

You Want the Perfect Steak?

Garlic Bread on a Train in India

Four Wheeling Engineer Pass, CO

Mr. and Mrs. Steak four wheel in Moab, UT

Steak Bytes

Big Guys Like Big Steaks

The Bear Story

We’re Heavy Duty

Mr. Steak’s Dad

Grilling for Ernie Banks