The Man

Outdoorsman, adventurer, and master griller.

The Legend

Known for creating epic grilling experiences at home and in the great outdoors.

The Steaks

A lifetime grilling obsession inspired his line of steakhouse quality meats and high powered grilling machines.

“Meat” Mr. Steak

I’m Mick Scully, a.k.a Mr. Steak, a 4th generation Chicago native, grill master, and outdoor adventurer. I founded Mr. Steak to help you create the steakhouse experience at home, in the outdoors, or wherever life takes you. 

My story begins in Chicago, where I was raised in a family with a deep appreciation for grilling. My father was known for grilling world-class ribs by all that knew him. I assisted my dad for decades, watching, learning and ultimately becoming renowned in my own right – definitely a chip off the old block. The example set by my dad helped create the “Legend of Mr. Steak.”

As a Private in The U.S. Army at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, I was anointed the cook for the cooks. As the years went by my love for the art of grilling encouraged me to share my experience and passion with my friends and family.

My goal is to help as many people as I can create steakhouse quality meals in their backyard and the great outdoors. To further my goal I developed my line of Mr. Steak grills, seasonings, and meats. My grills use steakhouse infrared technology to deliver ultra high heat that sear and seal in the flavors. My meats are the from the same midwestern ranches that supply many of the finest steakhouses in America.

I hope I can help you elevate your grill game and wow your friends and family so that “you too can be Mr. Steak.”

Grill on,

Adventures In Grilling

One of my favorite things about America is how huge and diverse it is, and yet at the same time there are a few passions that unite us all. I’ve been to almost every state and I’ve made friends with people from all walks of life. But wherever I go and whoever I meet I find that Americans love two things. Adventure and grilling.

I’ve led friends and family on exciting and sometimes perilous expeditions to remote and iconic locations. I’ve also spent decades mastering every aspect of grilling, from meat selection, cooking techniques and the right combination of seasonings and sauces, to the understanding of grill technology.

That’s how I became Mr. Steak.

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