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What we offer

Give Custom Corporate Gift Boxes

Looking for a unique corporate gift idea? Show those loyal clients your appreciation for their years of dedication with meat gift boxes that they can share with their loved ones. Just closed a huge sale and looking to thank them? A steak box is always a luxurious corporate gift.

Want to make a lasting impression? Give the gift of steak to stay top of mind while they savor tender USDA Prime beef.

Let Mr. Steak hand-pick your steak gift box to show your appreciation for their business and hard work. Deliver branded corporate gifts to their door and let them enjoy!

Looking for Employee Gift Ideas?

Offer something that your employees will truly enjoy in steak gift boxes. Incentivize high quality beef as an employee thank you gift for their hard work and commitment to your company. Provide a memorable experience along with succulent USDA Prime steaks. Choose from our pre-built steak gift box or let Mr. Steak help you choose the best combination of steaks as gifts for your team.

Standard Box Order Tiers

* Variations to these boxes can be made to keep the same price point.

** Customizable boxes are also available

Company Branding and Fulfilment

Add customizable inserts to each box to show the recipients their value to you and your company. Express your gratitude with a message in each corporate thank you gift. No matter the intent, the custom insert will make sure they know why they are receiving this gift box.

For large enough orders, Mr. Steak himself can make an appearance or a custom video thanking the recipients. He can show them how to grill the types of steak in the box, a great side dish or sauce to pair, or even go over his famous 10 Commandments of Steak. The inserts for each gift box have endless possibilities to customize and personalize.

The team at Mr. Steak will process and ship all the orders. The orders can be shipped out all at once to the recipients or through the site using a custom discount code as they want. Your team will receive all relative fulfilment and sales data to track the success.

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