Large cut of intensely marbled wagyu being sliced into thick New York Strips
Beautifully marbled Japanese wagyu New York Strip on a Mr. Steak cutting board
Beautifully plated, thinly sliced wagyu

Japanese A5 Wagyu New York Strip

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Our Japanese A5 Wagyu cattle are born and raised on Kyushu Island in the Miyazaki prefecture. Farmers meticulously tend to these cattle and feed them a very precise diet of wheat, corn, rice and barley. Miyazaki beef has a sweet, rich umami flavor alongside its snowflake marbling. It has earned the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence 3 consecutive times, and 1st place in the Wagyu Olympics twice.

Experience the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of our Miyazaki A5 New York Strip. One indulgent bite will transform everything you thought you knew about steak.

  • Each steak is hand cut to Japanese specifications
  • Imported from Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture
  • A5 Grading
  • Japanese Black cattle (Kuroge)
  • Ships frozen. Individually vacuum sealed 

These A5 Japanese Wagyu steaks are from the highest quality Japanese wagyu beef you can buy in the United States. Try one today to see this beautifully marbled beef for yourself!

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Why is Wagyu beef so expensive?

Japanese A5 Wagyu cattle have ancestors dating back hundreds of years, resulting in long genetic lineages. The limited land in Japan and selectivity of the breeding restrict mass wagyu cattle populations.

People know Waygu A5 steak for its rich flavor and delicate texture profiles. This is the result of the cattle being fed for almost five times longer than American cattle. The extended feeding period contributes to the high quality of the meat and more luxurious dining experience. To raise Waygu A5 cattle, the farmers and ranchers must complete an extensive certification process.

All these reasons, along with the US import restrictions, taxes, and travel costs, forces the Japanese A5 Wagyu price to where it is. This beef, however, is the highest quality in the world because of these restrictions. The selectivity and lifestyle of these cattle make their beef exquisitely marbled and have a deep, umami flavor profile.

What is A5 Grading?

Two factors are at play when earning the A5 grading for beef.

The letter grading refers to the amount of usable meat on the carcass itself, with 'A' being the highest, followed by 'B', then 'C'. To receive an 'A' grading, 72% or greater of the carcass yield must be usable. The 'B' grading refers to a 69% or greater useable yield. Anything less than 69% would result in a 'C' grading.

The number grading is based on the Beef Marbling Score (BMS) that assesses the intramuscular fat content, or marbling, of the beef. The more intense the marbling, the higher the score. The BMS scale ranges from 1-12. This grading is then converted to a value from 1-5. To obtain the converted value '5', the marbling must fall between 8-12 on the BMS scale.

Only the highest quality of cattle and beef in the world receive the grading of A5. Achieving such a grade is highly sought-after and difficult, driving up the wagyu steak price point. Mr. Steak's Japanese Wagyu is A5 graded and some of the highest quality beef in the entire world. Grab some today and share it with loved ones as a celebration!