Juicy beef tenderloin steak beside Mr. Steak's "Super Blend" seasoning, garlic, and rosemary
Filet mignon cooked over medium high heat, sliced open to show medium-rare colouring
Perfectly cooked, medium rare beef tenderloin steaks with rosemary, pepper and salt
2 beautifully marbled filet mignons

USDA Prime Filet Mignon

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The most tender of any cut, our USDA Prime Center-Cut Filet Mignon is buttery-smooth. This is for the steak lover who prizes a lean steak with great texture. Cut from the beef tenderloin, these tenderloin steaks offer great texture alongside exquisite marbling for that extra flavour.

Mr. Steak's perfect filet mignon is 1-½ inch thick and cooked medium rare. Learn how to cook filet mignon like Mr. Steak here. USDA Prime is the top 2% of beef in America and the elegance of the filet mignon is reflected in the price.

Indulge in one of the best cuts of beef on the market and enjoy, you deserve it!

Scroll down for recipes and to learn more!

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Where is a Filet Mignon Cut From?

Cut from the beef tenderloin, located in the "Short Loin", the Filet Mignon is the most tender cut on the cow. Because of the location of the tenderloin, it does little exercise, resulting in the tender meat. A USDA Prime steak has exquisite marbling to add that extra flavour to an already top quality cut.

A Beef Tenderloin cut into 1-½ inch thick steaks only gives about 10-12 Filets. Each cow only has two tenderloins which limits the quantity of these elegant steaks. The limited number of the most tender cut on the cow drives up the filet mignon price.

USDA Prime quality (top 2% of beef in America) paired with the natural tenderness of the filet mignon. These steaks are one of the most popular on the market for a reason. Try one of these beautiful tenderloin steaks the Mr. Steak way.

What is a Filet Mignon?


The name "Filet Mignon" is actually of French origin. Meaning "cute" or "delicate," the term "mignon" references the tender nature of the cut. The "delicate filet" that comes from the tenderloin depicts the cut perfectly.

The tenderloin steak is from a part of the cow that gets little exercise, making it so tender. There are only a limited number of filets per cow. When you hold one in your hand, they are so tender that you treat them with extra care.

Everyone loves the Filet Mignon steak because of its tender and flavorful nature. The added quality that USDA Prime grading gives to these steaks makes them something to remember. Try making yours with one of Mr. Steak's favorite recipes: