Saavy Subscription - Mr. Steak Review

Mr. Steak Review 

About Mr. Steak

Founded by Chicago native grillmaster Mike Scully (aka Mr. Steak), Mr. Steak aims to bring the steakhouse experience to your door via the steakhouse quality beef they offer. Choose from a variety of steaks including hand-selected USDA Prime beef. Build your own custom box of steaks or choose a curated box. All Mr. Steak steaks are locally sourced from ranches around Omaha, Nebraska known as the “Napa Valley of Beef” (which also supply many of the finest steakhouses in the US), are pasture-raised and finished on the grain to deliver the highest quality marbling, and are ethically produced each step of the way from ranch to table. In addition, Mr. Steak gives back by using 100% biodegradable coolers made from Indiana grown corn, uses carbon neutral shipping, and provides nutritious meals to local Colorado families and individuals in need for every box of steak sold.

This review is for the Mr. Steak Beef Up Your Freezer Prime Box which is $281.50

While Mr. Steak is a “box” meat delivery service, it is not a subscription. All purchases are one-time purchases and do not start a subscription.

First, here’s a quick overview on how Mr. Steak works:

1. Choose your meats – choose from curated boxes or build your own box

2. Delivered to your door – get your order delivered in a biodegradable insulated box to your home

3. Grill Out – Be sure to follow the instructions on the included card (the “10 Commandments of Steak”) to master your grilling game

There’s several curated boxes to choose from priced from $129 or you can build your own box to suit your needs. Prices start at $16.50 for 5 craft steak burgers with the build your own box option. There’s both a “Choice” and a “Prime” option for each cut of meat sans the burgers.

Here’s a peek at some of the curated boxes Mr. Steak offers:

…and a look at some of the a la carte options you can add when you build your own box–

For this review, we received the Mr. Steak Beef Up Your Freezer Prime Box which is $281.50 and includes the following meats:

  • Five 8oz. Prime Flat Iron Steaks
  • Three 10oz. Prime NY Strip Steaks
  • Three 12oz. Boneless Ribeye Steaks
  • One Pack of Five 1/3lb Each Craft Steak Burgers

Each Mr. Steak box includes a card that includes the “Ten Commandments of Steak” (steak tips & tricks), instructions on how to dispose of the biodegradable packaging, and the Mr. Steak Magic Sauce recipe plus links to more Mr. Steak recipes and Grill School Videos.


All of the meat arrives frozen and individually packaged. The box I received (Beef Up Your Freezer Prime, $281.50) included an assortment of USDA Prime beef including New York Strip, boneless ribeyes, flat iron steak, and burgers.

In addition to incorporating all of the meat into dinners for my family, I also made the Mr. Steak “Magic Sauce” which really does take the steak to another level. Here’s the ingredients I used to make the sauce —

Garlic, salt, pepper, grated parmesan, and butter!

I put everything in a saucepan and voila! — magic sauce! You’re supposed to put the sauce on the steak 30 seconds before taking it off the grill. There’s also a video on the Mr. Steak website under “Grilling School” that features Mr. Steak himself making Magic Sauce.

…and here’s all of the meals we made using the meat from this box!


Prime New York Strip 

New York Strip is one of my favorite cuts and I am so impressed with these Mr. Steak NY strips! They were so tender- almost like a filet mignon!- and juicy- definitely one of the best I’ve had! I made mashed potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts on the side and topped the strips with the “Magic Sauce”.

Craft Burgers

My whole family was obsessed with the craft burgers which are a generous 1/3rd pound each! They’re pre-made so it’s super easy to pop these onto the grill and throw some waffle fries in the oven. I topped the burgers with caramelized onions, garlic aoli (roasted fresh garlic mixed into Hellmann’s mayo) and of course, cheese- these burgers were a real treat!

Prime Ribeye

Ribeye is another of my favorites. These USDA Prime Ribeye steaks were so thick and had perfect marbling! They were ultra tender and had amazing flavor! We made these ribeyes with roasted broccoli and potato wedges.

Flat Iron Steak Prime

I decided to make steak fajitas with the prime flat iron steak and it came out deliciously. I sauteed poblano pepper, bell pepper, and sweet onion and also added cheese, sour cream, refried beans, and Tabasco chipotle sauce. Amazing! 


I’ve eaten at some of the best steakhouses and I can tell you that these Mr. Steak steaks are the same quality that you’ll get in those high-end establishments. I would easily recommend Mr. Steak to anyone who loves steak (a Mr. Steak box would make a fantastic gift for the grill master in your life!), and like that you don’t have to be an expert to cook these steaks. Thanks to the Ten Steak Commandments and the free Grill School videos on the Mr. Steak website, you can confidently cook your steaks at home without having prior grilling knowledge. My family and I loved all of the prime steaks in the box I received and would purchase it as a special treat.

Mr. Steak is a great meat delivery option not only for special occasion meats but also for everyday as they have affordable curated boxes and also give you the option to build your own custom box at your price point.