“Probably One of the Best Steaks I’ve Ever Had at Home.” 

FoodBoxHQ unboxes, grills and reviews Mr. Steak meats in this recent video. As they mention, Mr. Steak is a steak delivery service that focuses on sourcing meat from a region of Nebraska and the midwest known as the “Napa Valley of Beef,” so everything is going to be really high quality. Steaks are sent right to your door and everything is hand selected so you can have that steakhouse experience at home.

What’s in the box?

For their review, FoodBoxHQ received a custom box including a prime bone-in ribeye steak, prime NY strip steak, prime flat iron steak, and a pack of 1/2 lb brisket blend burgers.

For the unboxing, they opened the biodegradable cooler that dissolves in water, which they thought was “pretty cool.” Meats are packed with dry ice to keep them frozen while they ship to your door. The box also comes with recipes and Mr. Steak’s “10 Commandments of Steak” to help you cook the perfect steak at home.

For the taste test FoodBoxHQ grilled the bone-in ribeye. Their first response? “Wow.”

Flavor, Quality, Value

Then they shared it with their team to get the full reaction. Their thoughts: “That was probably one of the best steaks I’ve ever had at home. As you can see it was devoured by everyone and was absolutely delicious. The quality of the meat was really, really high. There was a lot of marbling to it so it added a lot of flavor. Nothing was skipped. It was a really big cut of meat. It absolutely was enough for more than two people. You don’t feel like you’re getting gypped. It’s not just quality you also get that quantity. “

Resources and Education

“Something that I like about Mr. Steak is they have a lot of resources. I’m not exactly the most well versed in steak so it’s nice to be able to refer back to how this should be cooked so that I make sure I get that wonderful experience and have that ‘steakhouse at home.’ Mr. Steak even sells grills so if you’re looking to go the whole nine yards you could definitely do that too. If you want to learn about some high quality meat check out Mr. Steak. “

The original review posted on FoodBoxHQ’s YouTube channel can be found here:

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