1. Set The Mood

Create the right mix of setting, mood and ambience for the ultimate steak experience.

2. Select The Steak

Select a steak based on shape, marbling, texture and thickness.

3. Let The Steak Acclimate

Let meat get to room temperature before grilling for an evenly cooked steak.

4. Season The Steak

Use seasonings and sauces to enhance flavors. Season 45 minutes before grilling to allow seasoning to infuse into the meat.

5. Experiment

Bring your own style and flavors to the grilling process. Be bold!

6. Don’t over or under cook your steak

Grill steaks medium rare to medium for the best flavor and texture.

7. Use The Touch Method

Use the “Touch Method” to gauge doneness. Never puncture a steak.

8. Let The Steak Settle

Let meat settle for a few minutes after grilling for more intense flavor.

9. Select Your Sides

Complete the meal with your favorite sides.

10. Use Your Mr. Steak Grill

Use a Mr Steak grill to sear and char like a steakhouse.