It's not about which cut is the best steak for grilling. It's about the quality of the beef and the way its prepared and cooked. Mr Steak's USDA Prime steaks prepared the Mr. Steak way are a sure thing if you're looking for a great meal.

Mr. Steak gives you his perfected steak tips in the legendary 10 Commandments of Steak:

1. Set The Mood

This is all about the right mood. You want the dinner to be in a nice location and with the right group of people. Somewhere with a nice ambiance or view and with your friends and family. Create a mood that compliments the ultimate steak experience.

2. Select The Steak

Select a steak based on shape, marbling, texture and thickness.

Marbling is the striations of fat within the steak. More marbling = more fat which will give the steak more flavor. Some people like thick steaks and others like thin steak. It's all about choosing what you like.

Some steaks are better thin, like a Flat Iron or Skirt Steak. Other steaks are better thick, like a Porterhouse, Cowboy Ribeye, or Filet Mignon.

3. Let The Steak Acclimate

Always let the steak get to room temperature before you cook it. The reason for this is so that it cooks evenly. If it doesn't acclimate then it will burn on the outside and still be red on the inside.

Room temperature is around 70°F, which is where you should be aiming.

4. Season The Steak

Use steak seasonings and sauces to enhance flavors. Season 45 minutes before grilling to allow seasoning to infuse into the meat.

Without seasoning, it's just a piece of meat. With it, it's a potential to be a work of art on a plate.

5. Cook The Steak

Bring your own style and flavors to the grilling process. Be bold!

Cook your steak to your preferred level of doneness. Nobody can tell you what you like, only you know that. Be it grilling steak or pan searing it, do it your way.

If you like it rare, have it rare. If you like it well done, have it well done. It's your steak, cook it the way you'll enjoy it.

Steak Doneness Internal Temperatures:

  • Rare: 120-125 °F
  • Medium Rare: 130-135 °F
  • Medium: 140-145 °F
  • Medium-Well: 150-155 °F
  • Well Done: 160+ °F

6. Never Puncture The Steak

Never puncture a steak while cooking. This will allow for the juices to leak out and it will become dry.

7. Use The "Touch Method"

Use the “Touch Method” to gauge doneness. The Touch Method refers to the firmness of the beef when you touch it. The firmer the touch, the more well done it is. The softer the touch, the more rare it is.

This will eventually become second nature and you'll know how cooked your steak is just from touching it.

8. Let The Steak Settle

Let meat settle for 4-5 minutes after grilling. This allows for the juices to settle and brings a more intense flavor.

9. Select Your Sides

Complete the meal with your favorite sides. Potatoes, onions, mushrooms, whatever you like to accompany your beautifully cooked steak.

10. Use Your Mr. Steak Grill

Use a Mr Steak grill to sear and char like a steakhouse.

Bonus Commandment: Practice Makes Perfect

Mr. Steak has taken 50 years to perfect his grilling skills and you can do it to!

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