2 juicy flat iron steaks with thyme and salt on the side
Perfectly cooked flat iron steak ready to be put in a taco or fajita
Beautifully cooked and plated flat iron steak with a side of fries
2 juicy flat iron steaks with thyme and salt on the side

USDA Prime Flat Iron

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Incredibly versatile, the USDA Prime Flat Iron is a cut that chefs and butchers have enjoyed for decades. The flat iron is the 2nd most tender cut, with the bold flavor you crave. Great for marinating, slicing up for fajitas, sandwiches, steak salads or anything else you can dream up.

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Where does a Flat Iron steak come from?

Cut from the cow's shoulder, or "Chuck", the flat iron is a very tender and lean cut of beef. Named after it's shape, the flat iron looks similar to a clothing iron without the handle. This thin cut steak goes by many names including "Butler Steak", "Chuck Steak", "Top Blade Filet", and "Chuck Clod."

The original "Top Blade Roast" is separated into two cuts at the connective tissue. This results in the Flat Iron and Top Blade steaks. It is very similar to Flank and Skirt steaks and can be substituted in recipes calling for either of those cuts.

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What is a Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steak Usage

The Flat Iron is a very versatile cut of beef. Mr. Steak's USDA Prime grading adds that extra touch to an already rich and meaty flavor. Perfect for slicing up add adding to fajitas, kababs, or steak salads. You can never go wrong just grilling it up with some potatoes and onions either.

A naturally thin steak that is perfect for slicing. Cook it up on the grill or pan sear it to get that nice charred outside. A very tender steak with endless possibilities.

Here are some recipes we recommend: