Natural American Wagyu Ribeye
Natural American Wagyu Ribeye
Natural American Wagyu Ribeye

Natural American Wagyu Ribeye

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Our American Wagyu cattle are a cross between celebrated Japanese Wagyu Genetics and the highest quality American cows. Farmers in the USA raise them meticulously. The result: epic marbling, a velvety texture, and decadently rich flavor. Rated 8-9 on the Japanese BMS scale.

Explore the next level up from USDA Prime with our iconic boneless ribeye that’s sure to earn you bragging rights.

  • 8-9 on Japanese BMS Scale
  • No antibiotics ever
  • No added hormones
  • 100% vegetarian feed, no animal by-products
  • Natural and minimally processed
  • Raised on family farms across the USA
  • Ships frozen. Individually vacuum sealed

Our American Wagyu steaks are from the highest quality american wagyu beef you can buy in the United States. Try one today and experience them for yourself!

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What is American Wagyu?

American breeders made American Wagyu because of restrictions on Japanese Wagyu steak and their cattle. The American Wagyu cattle breed began in 1976 when a researcher, Morris Whitney from Colorado University, brought in 4 Wagyu bulls from Japan.

He imported two Japanese Black and two Japanese Red bulls, making them the first of their breed to ever be in America. The two Japanese black bulls were named Mt. Fuji & Mazda, the two Japanese red named Rueshaw and Judo.

They were cross-breeding the Japanese bulls with female American Angus and other domestic cattle. The resulting beef was not 100% Wagyu, but not 100% Angus or the other domestic breeds. In the 1990's, farmers imported hundreds more bulls & Japanese Black females because of their popularity and reduced costs.

Japan recognized what they had with these animals and declared them a national treasure. This halted exports of the cattle and limited Japanese Wagyu beef exports

The resulting high quality beef (8-9 on BMS scale), lowers American Wagyu beef price compared to Japanese Wagyu. The deep marbling and rich, umami flavor is still very much present, however, and is an experience in itself. Having an American Wagyu steak dinner has grown to be a luxurious experience to share with family and friends. Try our richly marbled American Wagyu boneless ribeye today!

Wagyu vs USDA Prime

The difference between Japanese Wagyu, American Wagyu, and USDA Prime is all in the intramuscular fat, or marbling, content. Judges score the quality of the beef based on the intensity of the marbling. Graders give a Beef Marbling Score (BMS) to all beef, which is a scale of how much marbling is present, ranging from 1-12. Wagyu typically scores anywhere from 8-12, with the highest quality wagyu being graded 11-12.

Pureblood Japanese Wagyu will yield a score of 10-12 on the BMS scale. American Wagyu ranges from 6-9, depending on the genetic lineage and how they are raised. USDA Prime maxes out at a BMS grading of 5. The difference between Prime and Choice or Select is noticeable, now imagine American and Japanese Wagyu!

Mr. Steak's American Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak grades 8-9 on the BMS scale. Farmers bred this steak to hold deep, rich flavor and melt-in-your-mouth. This is not only a meal, but an experience to share with loved ones. Try out our American Wagyu Boneless Ribeye for yourself!