Juicy and well-marbled raw New York Strip
Beautifully cooked and seasoned New York Strip, cut in half to show the colouring
Assortment of USDA Prime steaks - Boneless Ribeye, boneless New York Strip, and 2 Filet Mignons
Perfectly cooked Medium Rare New York Strip steak

USDA Prime New York Strip

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The USDA Prime New York Strip steak is the choice of steak connoisseurs everywhere. Mr. Steak's 28-day wet aging process makes these boneless strip steaks unmatched in flavor and tenderness.

Our NY Strip Steak is unmatched in shape, texture and flavor.

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Where is a New York Strip Cut From?

The New York Strip is a tender and flavorful cut from the top of the cow's "Short Loin". Mr. Steak's USDA prime NY Strip features epic marbling running through the prime grade beef.

There's nothing like a New York Strip Steak. Our Prime New York steak offers the perfect balance.

It boasts the flavor of a ribeye without being too fatty. It has a solid texture without being too lean. This USDA Prime NY Strip Steak is right in the middle and always a solid choice.

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What is a New York Strip?

Perfectly cooked Medium Rare New York Strip steak

How To Cook a New York Strip?

When grilling, make sure the grill is on high heat and preheated as much as possible before putting the steaks on. Season both sides with Mr. Steak seasoning or salt and pepper.

Grill each side for about 5 minutes. Remove when the internal temperature is 130-135°F for medium rare doneness.

When pan searing, make sure the cast iron skillet is hot and the steak sizzles right as it touches the pan. Sear each side for about 4 minutes to get a crisp outside, locking in the juices.

Always allow your steak to sit for 4-6 minutes after cooking to let the juices settle.