Propane barbecue grills are common outdoor cooking units used by many households in today’s modern society. These grills work by utilizing propane gas as cooking fuel to grill or cook foods. Though they come in different sizes, these grills are light and portable enough which make it easier for the user to carry it around. Portable Propane BBQ from Mrsteak is the ultimate in barbeque cooking.

Fabricated with different durable materials, Best Propane BBQ Grill at Mrsteak are designed to give people convenience in cooking, most especially those avid grillers. Oftentimes, these BBQ grills are used during outdoor celebrations, picnics, and camping trips. They are very handy so people can just bring them outside the house, in the beach or even at the park.

The Mr. Steak portable infrared grill is the best small propane grill on the market for a number of reasons. First off, it’s technologically advanced as it uses infrared technology. This is done by forcing air through hundreds of very small holes which heat a ceramic plate and create intense, indirect heat. The grill reaches 1000 degrees within a minute. Not only is the grill the Best Small Propane Grill, it’s also the Best Cheap Propane Grill! The grill is priced for every family to be able to afford it and elevate their grilling.

This Portable Propane BBQ packs a punch. It’s intensely hot, offering even heat, ease of use, and supreme portability. The heat is much more even than other grills because it isn’t using charcoal or traditional uneven propane heat. The entire ceramic plate heats up at the same time and maintains the same temperature. This is critical in achieving a perfectly cooked, seared and charred steak, burger, fish and other meats. It also allows for slow cooking vegetables evenly on low heat. The Mr. Steak grill is the Best Propane BBQ grill for all of these reasons.

In terms of size, the Mr. Steak grill is the Best Small Propane Grill because it gets much hotter than others on the market, is sleek in design, and easy to use. It reaches 1000 degrees at the push of a button, making it easy for virtually anyone to use. All of this comes at a very reasonable price, making it also the Best Cheap Propane Grill that won’t break the bank.

The Mr. Steak portable infrared grill is a Portable Propane BBQ that works differently than most propane grills that use blue flame grilling. This grill instead uses indirect, ultra high heat to cook your meals at a steakhouse level, making it the Best Propane BBQ Grill. The high heat allows your steaks, burgers, fish, and vegetables to be perfectly seared, locking in the juices and creating the perfect char without being too charred. In terms of fish, grilling ahi tuna is particularly easy with fantastic results as it sears like a steak. The Mr. Steak Portable grill also cooks vegetables and fruit well at a lower temperature. For a healthier potato option, try slicing and grilling potatoes on the Mr. Steak portable infrared grill. They look great with sear marks, are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and are cooked without oil, making them very healthy.

Overall the Mr. Steak portable infrared grills are the best small propane grill. Give them a try at your next BBQ!

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